Federal health policy votes in recent years

2016 Amendment to the Federal Act on Medically Assisted Reproduction
2015 Federal Decree on Reproductive Medicine and Gene Technology in the Human Sector
2014 Popular initiative for a public health insurance fund
2014 Federal Decree on primary healthcare
2014 Removal of the costs of abortion from the basic health insurance scheme
2013 Federal Act on the Control of Communicable Diseases in Humans
2012 Amendment to the Federal Act on Health Insurance (Managed Care)
2012 Popular initiative “Protection against passive smoking”
The Swiss health system is organized on a federalist basis. This means that the Confederation, cantons, and communes assume various partial responsibilities in the health system. For example, the Confederation determines the level of the deductible rate and approves or rejects changes in the level of premiums.

The cantons, on the other hand, determine which services are provided by which hospital. Private health insurance companies offer both basic and supplementary insurance, but they must adhere to the highly regulatory requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). The Swiss Health Insurance Act (KVG) stipulates that basic insurance is compulsory for all persons living in Switzerland. To supplement the benefits of the basic insurance, you can take out supplementary insurance.

The complicated structure of the health system and the many stakeholders involved predestine the occurrence of many areas of friction and potential conflicts. This fact is reflected in the numerous political discussions and debates that take place on the political stage. We see our task as intervening in the discussion in the interests of the haemato-oncological patients we represent.
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